Work Experience

Work Experience at Weald

Students are given the opportunity to participate in work experience which we believe enables them to:

  • Explore likes and dislikes to develop future career planning

  • Develop self-confidence and interpersonal skills

  • Raise awareness of the workplace and how organisations are structured

  • Understand the importance of self-discipline in achieving own objectives

  • Experience the world of work through active participation and observation

  • Gain valuable experiences which can be added to a curriculum vitae and enhance university application.

Students are required to attend a one week work placement and will contact organisations about possible work experience. It is essential that students are proactive, as finding a placement is competitive especially in June and July. Ms Swanton is available to help, offering support and advice, whilst students are trying to secure Work Experience placement. For certain career areas, such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary, teaching, law and media, as much Work Experience as possible is recommended to help secure a place at University. Details of all placements are to be given to Ms Swanton.  


Dates for your Diary

The dates for next year’s WEX are 10-14 July 2017 and I have attached an updated form to replace the old one. The diary is still OK for this next coming year. The date for placements to be with me can read ‘By Easter 2017’.
Email them through now...!!

Work Experience Documents